Prior Authorizations

ASPcares knows that your office would greatly benefit from having the burden of completing time consuming prior authorizations taken off your plate. We have a dedicated team of experienced personnel that spends their days doing these for our physician partners, so they don’t have to.

We have an experienced and dedicated team to manage this process. Our professionals have the training to deal with the approval process of prior authorization. We work directly with your insurance company and make sure that your medications are covered by your benefit plan. Our highly trained professionals have all the necessary knowledge to fill out the paperwork accurately. This ensures our patients get access to their medications sooner.

Our years of experience in prior authorization for our patients have led to the impressive results in clinical excellence and perfection in the services we deliver. If our patients can not afford the high-cost medications, even if they are covered by their insurance is benefit plan, we can arrange for financial assistance through a nonprofit organization so that they can get quick access to their medications at great discounts.

“After my mother was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, we tried for three months to get her treatment. Unfortunately, the coverage for her treatment wasn’t enough, making it very expensive. Thanks to the dedication and benefits at ASPcares, my mother got to start her treatment in just a few days.”

M.T. – Daughter of patient